Tutti Twilly d'Hermès Eau de parfum

Celebrating the Free Spirit: Tutti Twilly d’Hermès Captures the Essence of Hermès Girls

When it comes to creating fragrances, the house of Hermès has always excelled in capturing the essence of its clientele. The latest addition to the Twilly d’Hermès line, Tutti Twilly d’Hermès, is no exception. This unique eau de parfum pays tribute to the Hermès girls, capturing their free spirit, audacity, and individuality. Created by the talented Christine Nagel, this fragrance blends floral and fruity notes to evoke warm and sensual emotions. With its innovative design by Florence Manlik and Carine Brancowitz, Tutti Twilly d’Hermès stands as a symbol of diversity and celebrates the unique characteristics of each Hermès girl.

Tutti Twilly d’Hermès eau de parfum is a masterpiece crafted by Christine Nagel. As a tribute to the Hermès girls, this fragrance mirrors their free spirit, daring nature, and multifaceted personalities. The olfactory notes of Tutti Twilly d’Hermès are carefully selected to reflect individuality and embrace the diversity of its wearers. The fragrance is a harmonious blend of gentle ginger blossom, mellow lychee, and enveloping musk notes, creating a character that is both floral and fruity.

Florence Manlik’s design for the Tutti Twilly d’Hermès bottle is both striking and elegant. Inspired by a lantern shape, the square silhouette of the bottle is adorned with an inverted lychee-red color graduation. This unique design element symbolizes the versatility and vibrancy of the Hermès girls. Furthermore, Carine Brancowitz’s artistic touch is evident as each bottle is adorned with a hand-tied silk ribbon. The silk ribbon, playfully embellishing the cap, adds a touch of whimsy and individuality to every bottle. The 30 ml format ensures that one can carry Tutti Twilly’s sparkling notes while on the go, spreading the spirit of the Hermès girls far and wide.

The Twilly d’Hermès family of perfumes holds a special place in the hearts of luxury fragrance enthusiasts. It pays homage to the house’s renowned silk métier in two unique ways. First, the fragrance evokes the iconic silk twill scarf, known for its timeless elegance and craftsmanship. Second, it draws inspiration from the Twilly, a small but vibrant silk ribbon that can be styled and worn in countless ways. Much like the versatility of Hermès silk, Tutti Twilly d’Hermès encapsulates the multifaceted nature of the contemporary Hermès girls.

Hermès Tutti Twilly d'Hermès

Tutti Twilly d’Hermès is more than just a fragrance; it is an ode to the spirited and diverse women who embody the essence of Hermès. By capturing the audacity and lightness of the Hermès girls, Christine Nagel has once again demonstrated her artistry in the realm of perfumery. The unique design elements, from Florence Manlik’s lantern-shaped bottle to Carine Brancowitz’s silk ribbon adornment, add an extra layer of charm and individuality to the scent. As Tutti Twilly d’Hermès hits the shelves in September 2023, it is poised to become a timeless classic, encapsulating the free spirit and celebrating the diversity of the modern Hermès girls.