discover the essence of paris with kenzo's latest fragrance: flower by kenzo la récolte parisienne

Discover the Essence of Paris with Kenzo Latest Fragrance: Flower by Kenzo La Récolte Parisienne

Step into the vibrant essence of Paris with Kenzo’s latest fragrance, Flower by Kenzo La Récolte Parisienne. Set against the dynamic backdrop of Paris’s city life, this new fragrance breathes life into the fusion of urban energy and the raw beauty of nature. Designed as a modern tribute to the classic scent, it masterfully combines the iconic urban poppy with the natural flora found in the Parisian landscape. The esteemed perfumers, Alberto Morillas and Dora Baghriche, are the artisans behind this scent, capturing the quintessential Parisian flower, the dahlia, with cutting-edge headspace technology.

The soul of this refined fragrance is defined by the dahlia’s essence, obtained through advanced extraction techniques that preserve its delicate, genuine aroma under protective glass domes. This innovative method ensures that the scent genuinely represents the dahlia’s fresh, authentic fragrance, evoking the tranquil ambiance of the Parisian countryside with every spray.

Flower by Kenzo La Récolte Parisienne enchants the senses with a sophisticated mix of top and middle notes. It begins with the zesty brightness of yellow mandarin essence and is followed by the enticing spiciness of pink pepper extract. As the fragrance evolves, soft dahlia petals merge with the refined Rosa Damascena essence, crafting an irresistible floral medley that captures the imagination.

This olfactory journey reaches its peak with a sumptuous base of warm vanilla, plush white musk, and rich tonka bean, which leave a lasting impression of luxurious allure. This blend not only refreshes Kenzo’s legendary 2000 Eau de Parfum but also revitalizes it with a new vibrancy.

Top Notes:

The top notes are Yellow Mandarin Essence, which provides a bright, citrusy burst, and Pink Pepper Extract, offering a spicy, vibrant kick.

Heart Notes:

Dahlia, with its subtly powdery floral scent, and Rosa Damascena Essence, known for its rich, intense, and sweet floral aroma.

Base Notes:

Vanilla, which adds a creamy, sweet richness, White Musk, contributing a clean, subtle softness, and Tonka Bean, which rounds out the scent with its warm, slightly sweet, and resinous aroma.

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Encased in the iconic Flower by Kenzo bottle, which is beautifully embellished with a lively poppy and a quaint ladybug, this fragrance not only stands as a work of art but also embodies Kenzo’s dedication to eco-friendly practices. With a recyclable glass stopper and composed of 93% natural ingredients, Flower by Kenzo La Récolte Parisienne reflects a commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship excellence, all while being crafted in France.

Available in 40 and 75 ml Eau de Parfum sizes, Flower by Kenzo La Récolte Parisienne is an invitation to explore the scenic allure of the countryside and enjoy the sophisticated charm of Parisian perfumery. Dive into the captivating aroma of this exceptional fragrance and let it transport you to the picturesque landscapes of Paris.