Coach is a distinguished American brand renowned for its craftsmanship in leather goods and an expansive range of lifestyle products. Established in 1941 in Manhattan, New York, by a group of six leather artisans, the company originally operated under the name Gail Manufacturing Company. The company took a significant turn in 1946 when Miles and Lillian Cahn, seasoned in leather goods manufacturing, joined the firm. Under their leadership, the company, renamed Coach in the 1970s, refined its approach, pioneering the production of quality women’s handbags that elegantly bridged the gap between luxury and accessibility.

Renowned for its use of fine cowhide leather, which is both soft and durable, Coach transformed into a cultural icon with the introduction of designer Bonnie Cashin in 1962. Her innovative designs introduced vibrant colors and practical features like additional pockets, propelling the brand into the limelight. Over the decades, Coach expanded its product line to include shoes, clothing, accessories, and fragrances, becoming a staple in department stores and its own boutiques across North America and beyond.

Today, Coach operates over 500 stores in the United States and Canada, with a significant presence in Japan and other international markets. Still headquartered in Manhattan, Coach continues to build on its heritage of quality and style, appealing to a global audience with its sophisticated and modern designs.

Coach Dreams Moonlight: A Symphony of Scent and Unity

Coach Dreams Moonlight: A Symphony of Scent and Unity

In the fragrant world where every scent tells a story, the newest creation by Coach, "Coach Dreams Moonlight," stands as a luminescent narrative crafted from the ethos of unity and the enchanting allure of a moonlit night. Launched in 2024, this perfume is the third addition to the revered Coach Dreams line, embodying the spirit of togetherness and friendship through its aromatic layers. Read More