the allure of cerruti 1881 vivo: a new fragrance unveiled

Introducing CERRUTI 1881 VIVO: A Fragrance That Commands Attention

In the dynamic world of perfumery, few launches stir as much anticipation and excitement as the unveiling of a new fragrance from the iconic house of Cerruti. With its rich history and commitment to sophistication, Cerruti’s latest offering, the CERRUTI 1881 VIVO, does more than just add to its esteemed lineage—it promises a journey of olfactory discovery encased in an innovative bottle design that urges enthusiasts to REVEAL THE CODE and LIVE.

A Poetic Blend of Heritage and Modernity

The inspiration for VIVO is deeply rooted in the enigmatic spirit of the number 1881, a year significant not only to the brand but as a symbol of timeless elegance and innovation. As Nino Cerruti puts it, “1881 is a universal enigma. A poetic combination. A code loaded with memories, a four-digit secret.” This sense of mystery and history is embodied in every aspect of VIVO, from its conceptualization to the physical experience of the fragrance.

The Bottle: An Ode to Innovation

VIVO’s packaging is a masterpiece in itself, designed not just to hold the fragrance but to intrigue and engage. The unique mechanism involves rotating the cover to reveal the vertical secret code, V1881, displayed in vibrant orange characters against the sleek, modern bottle. This interaction is not just a nod to the fragrance’s mysterious elements but also an invitation to users to engage with the scent on a more personal level.

The Fragrance: A Symphony of Scents

Cerruti 1881 VIVO is a compelling Eau de Parfum that belongs to the amber fougère family, renowned for its warm, woody, and spicy notes. Crafted by visionary perfumers who are yet to be disclosed, the fragrance is an intense expression of masculinity and confidence.

Top Notes: The scent opens with a lively burst of Nigerian ginger SFE, which provides a fresh and fiery kick. This is beautifully complemented by the spicy essence of cardamom and the subtle sweetness of apple, while pink pepper SFE adds a tantalizing sharpness that awakens the senses.

Middle Notes: Transitioning into the heart, VIVO becomes more intricate and warming. The inclusion of rum SFE offers a boozy, sweet depth that contrasts intriguingly with the nutty, soft textures of sesame absolute. The floral touch of marigold brings freshness and lightness, balancing the middle notes with its gentle floral scent.

Base Notes: The base of the fragrance is where the boldness lies. Haitian vetiver provides an earthy and woody backbone, enriched by the exotic flair of saffron. The smooth, slightly animalistic touch of ambroxan adds a final note of sophistication and ensures a long-lasting, memorable trail.

the allure of cerruti 1881 vivo
cerruti 1881 vivo

CERRUTI 1881 VIVO is available in 60ml and 100ml Eau de Parfum options, catering to different preferences and occasions. Whether you are dressing for a casual day out or a formal event, VIVO is versatile enough to elevate any moment.

CERRUTI 1881 VIVO is an experience, a statement, and a journey back in time while firmly staying rooted in the present. It appeals to the modern man who values heritage, sophistication, and a touch of mystery in his olfactory choices. With VIVO, Cerruti continues to uphold its legacy of crafting fragrances that are as timeless as they are innovative.