marc jacobs daisy wild a fragrant journey into the wilderness

Marc Jacobs Daisy Wild: A Fragrant Journey into the Wilderness

Marc Jacobs has long been a venerated name in the world of fashion, known not only for his innovative clothing designs but also for his influential fragrance line. His first major success in perfumery came with the launch of his eponymous Eau de Parfum in 2001, but it was the introduction of the Daisy fragrance in 2007 that truly cemented his status in the fragrance world. This initial Daisy offering, designed by the esteemed perfumer Alberto Morillas, was a masterclass in sophistication and allure, its bottle adorned with charming daisy flowers—a motif that would become iconic. Nearly two decades later, the Daisy line continues to thrive, expanding under the creative vision of Marc Jacobs and his team. In 2024, the Daisy collection welcomed a bold new member: Daisy Wild. Crafted by a trio of perfumers from Givaudan—Sonia Constant, Roxanne Kirkpatrick, and Adriana Medina—this fragrance marks a daring evolution in the Daisy saga, inviting wearers to explore the untamed beauty of nature.

The Essence of Daisy Wild

Daisy Wild distinguishes itself with a unique blend of ingredients that conjure images of a vibrant, wildflower-strewn landscape. The top note of banana blossom accord is particularly innovative, bringing a fresh, floral, and slightly tropical aroma that has not been traditionally used in prestige perfumery. This choice reflects a departure from conventional scents, setting the stage for a fragrance that is as unexpected as it is enchanting.

At the heart of Daisy Wild lies the luxurious scent of jasmine, a staple in perfumery known for its intensely fragrant and slightly sweet profile. This is expertly paired with a macadamia accord, a rich and nutty note that adds depth and a creamy texture to the fragrance. This combination of jasmine and macadamia is a testament to the perfume’s complexity and the skill of its creators, balancing floral brightness with earthy richness.

The base of the fragrance features sandalwood and vetiver des sables, grounding the perfume with their woody and enduring qualities. Sandalwood provides a creamy, soft, and rich woody essence, while vetiver des sables, a type of vetiver characterized by its refined and slightly smoky aroma, adds a touch of mystery and earthiness. This foundation not only enhances the longevity of the fragrance but also complements its top and heart notes, creating a harmonious and lasting impression.

banana blossom acord
Banana Blossom
jasmine accord
macadamia accord
Macadamia accord
vetiver des sables
Vetiver Des Sables

The Artisans Behind the Scent

The perfumers Sonia Constant, Roxanne Kirkpatrick, and Adriana Medina, who collaborated under the auspices of the renowned fragrance house Givaudan, brought a collective wealth of experience and creativity to Daisy Wild. Each perfumer has a distinct background and area of expertise, contributing to a fragrance that is as diverse in its influences as it is in its appeal.

Sustainable Design and Marketing

In line with contemporary demands for sustainability, Daisy Wild introduces a fully refillable bottle—a first for the Daisy line. This initiative not only speaks to a growing environmental consciousness but also allows the fragrance to embrace a lifecycle that encourages reuse. The bottle’s design features new floral elements that blend seamlessly with the traditional Daisy aesthetic, displaying playful and nature-inspired motifs.

The vibrant campaign for Daisy Wild, shot by photographer Nick Newbold, perfectly captures the spirit of adventure and youthfulness that the fragrance embodies. It shows a diverse group of young talents exploring lush landscapes, symbolizing a journey back to nature and to one’s roots. This narrative is not just about selling a perfume but about fostering a connection with the natural world and rediscovering the joy of spontaneity.

marc jacobs daisy wild 1
marc jacobs daisy wild 2

A Fragrant Exploration of Nature and Innovation

Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Wild is more than just a new addition to a successful fragrance line; it is a bold exploration into the possibilities of perfumery. By combining unique ingredients with a strong narrative and sustainable practices, Daisy Wild invites us to experience the wilderness in a bottle, reminding us of the beauty and diversity of the natural world around us. With this latest creation, Marc Jacobs continues to push the boundaries of fragrance, art, and environmental responsibility, ensuring that the legacy of the Daisy collection continues to blossom in new and exciting directions.

daisy wild eau de parfum by marc jacobs kopia
daisy wild eau de parfum by marc jacobs