REPLICA Under the Stars

Under the Stars: A Mystical Journey in Fragrance

Maison Martin Margiela’s latest addition to its Replica line, titled “Under the Stars,” takes us on a captivating olfactory adventure inspired by cherished memories and timeless moments. This fragrance, part of the collection known as “Reproduction of Familiar Scents and Moments of Varying Locations and Periods,” aims to teleport us to different places and times through its diverse range of fragrances. “Under the Stars” specifically draws us into the memory of a starry night spent in the wilds of nature, offering a combination of scents that evoke the essence of that magical experience.

Unveiling the Fragrance:

“Under the Stars” effortlessly captures the mysterious beauty of a night under a star-studded sky, drawing inspiration from the intense scent of burning Oud essence and the warm embrace of Labdanum resinoid notes. Oud, a precious wood, possesses the ability to transport our senses to otherworldly realms when burned. The smoky and alluring scent of Oud in this fragrance sets the stage for a truly mystical olfactory experience. In contrast, Labdanum, with its warm and ambery notes, recreates the comforting feeling of a gentle summer breeze caressing the skin.

Embracing Untamed Nature:

Adding an untamed and raw aspect to “Under the Stars” is a leather accord that brings to mind the ruggedness of the wilderness. Its presence provides an element of wildness, perfectly harmonizing with the surrounding natural environment.

Captivating Nature’s Essence:

The key notes of “Under the Stars” include Black Pepper, Labdanum, Oud Infusion, and Leather Accord. Black Pepper essence, the top note, captures the vibrant and lively sensation of admiring the majestic beauty of nature. It fuses with the fragrance to reflect the seizing sensation of being fully immersed in our surroundings. Accompanied by Cinnamon Leaves Essence, these top notes elegantly introduce us to the heart of the fragrance.

The heart notes of Cypriol Essence and Virginian Cedarwood Essence deepen the experience, further enhancing the atmosphere of the fragrance. These heart notes contribute to a multi-dimensional scent that keeps us engaged and connected to the mysterious night.

Finally, we arrive at the base notes, where Labdanum Resinoid, Oud Infusion, and Leather Accord truly shine. Labdanum Resinoid, with its warm and ambery properties, creates a sensual and comforting backdrop, reminiscent of the warmth experienced on a night in the wild. The elusive Oud Infusion, as a noble and rare ingredient, creates a spiritual dimension to the fragrance, its smoky trail embodying the mysteries of a dark night under the stars. Lastly, the Leather Accord embodies the wild, carnal, and sensual aspects of nature, truly encapsulating the raw incarnation of the wild.

Maison Martin Margiela’s “Under the Stars” offers a captivating olfactory journey into the untamed wilderness. Through its unique combination of Oud essence, Labdanum resinoid, leather accord, and black pepper, this fragrance succeeds in transporting us to a mystical night spent under a starry sky. It captures the essence of adoring the majesty of nature and indulging in its captivating embrace. “Under the Stars” is more than just a fragrance; it is an invitation to immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature and create unforgettable moments.