aventus by creed: the scent of legacy and innovation

Aventus by Creed: The Scent of Legacy and Innovation

In the realm of fragrances, there are some names that kindle a unique mix of respect, curiosity, allure, and fascination—Creed’s Aventus is that kind of a legend. As the direct descendant of the 19th-century ne plus ultra classic Aventus, spawned from the loins of the House of Creed—guarantor of grade-A scents for nearly 300 years—Aventus connotes both a statement of enchantment and a philosophy of journey, crafted for men and inspired by the thrill of self-made success.

Aventus was birthed in 2010 by perfumer Jean-Christophe Hérault and Erwin Creed, the scion of the founding family. The dawn of a brave new era of scent history weaving the old with the new. The Latin words of the name of the perfume — suggesting gravity and reliability—of course, do not contradict themselves, but, like the facets of the image of the ancient deity or excellency, give it depth and light.

The Bottle: Vessel of Art and History

Before we discuss the olfactory nuances of Aventus, let us give some thought to the bottle which embodies Aventus in a smooth and masculine flacon that beckons to be noticed. A powerful yet sophisticated design to match the scent it carries. An aesthetic which encompasses the timeless marriage of black and silver, ensuring at first sight only, Aventus both smells and looks the part.

Scentuminum Aventus Olfactory Journey: Wake Up and Go from the Top and work your way down

Wake Up: Aventus Start the journey with a brash Top notes. Intoxicating burst of fruitiness — pineapple, blackcurrant, and apple playing together with a good amount of well-balanced citruses — the perfect zest of bergamot, the juiciness of orange zest, not to be missed by a little bit of red pepper. In draws you in and sets the stage—a lively mix, like a dawn full of promise and the potential for renewal.

The heart is a meaty yet delicate cluster that Aventus flaunts. Birch and patchouli give a woody tone to floral notes of rose and jasmine, with a touch of a fine cyclamen and hedione. Neroli and melon bring an electric, sparkling effect to this heart, while Arsenal is still the central pillar around which the composition revolves.

Aventus Wood

In terms of true depth and sophistication, it is in the base that Aventus reveals the woodiness. The base of moss, musk, and vanilla wrap you up like a cozy sweater, and ambergris and ambrox sound almost transparent up top. This is not all sweet though; cedar and leather give it an irreversible smartness, anchoring the fragrance into unadulterated man land.

Top Notes:

Pineapple, Bergamot, Apple, Black Currant, Green Notes, Orange, Red Pepper.

Heart Notes:

Birch, Patchouli, Rose, Jasmine, Cyclamen, Hedione, Melon, Neroli, Juniper Berries.

Base Notes:

Moss, Musk, Vanilla, Ambergris, Ambrox, Cedar, Leather.


Established as a dynastic and imperial visor-wearing industry, centuries-old techniques have been reinforced fruity modern inventions. Creed Tailors, a house that started as tailors, was actually founded by the world’s best royally commissioned fragrance creator. That tradition of quality and exclusivity continues today, with Creed often regarded not as a brand, but as a champion of the art of perfumery.

A Global Sensation

Aventus has become a global success story that embodies the very spirit of the man on the go. This chypre fruity style is revisited, exploring uncharted territory, beyond the realms of its traditional categorization by breaking fine musky depths with high-effervescent tops. And this duality makes sure it does not create a specific fragrance for a specific group of people, this versatility ensures a spot not only in the fragrance cabinet but also in the hearts of the ones who wear it. With Aventus, Creed has symbolized its illustrious history but has also shown that it can stay relevant to the modern market. A perfume that speaks of more than just fragrance—a scent that carries an experience, a trail of the senses. The perfumery underworld is a cut-throat one and Aventus represents the perfect blend of innovation and tradition.

Aventus is an existence for you by Creed. It tells a tale of generations of work, the promise of perfection, and the scent of sticky glory. Choose Aventus by THORN as your destiny.


aventus by creed
(Image credit: Creed)
aventus by creed the scent of legacy and innovation creed
(Image credit: Creed)