prada paradoxe virtual flower new fragrance 2024

Discover modern elegance with Paradox Virtual Flower by Prada

Prada remains a symbol of originality and sophistication in the world of high fashion and premium perfumes. This season, the fashion brand continues to break new ground by introducing Paradoxe Virtual Flower, the second extension in their Paradoxe collection. Not just a scent, but a harmony of natural and technological elements, a tribute to the contemporary, elegant female.

The blending of natural elements and advanced technology. 

The Virtual Flower by Paradoxe marks a significant advancement in the perfume sector by integrating Artificial Intelligence. As Prada explains, this method powered by artificial intelligence enables fragrance makers to discover never-before-seen opportunities, designing fresh and surprising combinations that enhance typical scent characteristics. The key feature of this innovation is its capacity to imitate and amplify the organic scents, specifically emphasizing the fragile elegance of the jasmine blossom. 

A Harmonious Blend of Sounds 

Top Notes: Refreshing Aromas 

Once Paradoxe Virtual Flower touches your skin, it reveals its initial notes with a refreshing and tangy charm. Green Bergamot, which comes from the beautiful scenery of Italy, is the main focus. This lively explosion of citrus is revitalizing and inspiring, paving the way for the aromatic adventure ahead. The first aroma is reminiscent of a refreshing sunrise stroll through a sun-soaked Italian garden, filled with the invigorating scent of bergamot. 

Heart Notes: The Blossoming Heart 

As the initial notes fade away, Paradoxe Virtual Flower’s core starts to reveal a refined arrangement of flowers. The Jasmine AI accord is central to Prada’s innovative essence. This special agreement captures the delicate and light quality of jasmine in its most natural state. Adding to this is the vibrant and pleasant scent of Neroli, extracted from the flowers of the bitter orange tree. These heart notes work together to form a lively yet sophisticated floral heart that is contemporary yet enduring.

Base Notes: A Warm Hug 

The scent’s progression ends with a base that is cozy, lasting, and comforting. The soft feeling of a second skin lingers gently on the skin due to the base notes of Musk and Ambrette. Musk contributes a rich sensuality, while Ambrette provides a sweet, musky scent extracted from hibiscus seeds. The perfect combination of elegance and intimacy in Paradoxe Virtual Flower creates a memorable impression. 

discover modern elegance with paradox virtual flower by prada

An indication of stylish innovation and sophistication. 

Prada’s Paradoxe Virtual Flower represents cutting-edge sophistication. It represents the brand’s dedication to exploring the limits of creativity and technology. By utilizing artificial intelligence, Prada has created a fragrance that is innovative and stunning, providing a modern, fresh floral scent. 

The Core of Contemporary Luxury 

Paradoxe Virtual Flower is an ideal option for individuals looking for a scent that represents contemporary sophistication. It embodies a woman who is elegant, self-assured, and fearless in welcoming the future while appreciating the beauty of nature. This Eau de Parfum can be purchased in different sizes on Prada’s website, encouraging you to try out the innovative world of fragrance. 

In Paradoxe Virtual Flower, Prada has once more shown why it continues to be a leader in the worlds of fashion and fragrance. This fragrance embodies creativity, the natural world, and classic sophistication – a genuine work of art in perfumery. Discover this fresh scent and allow it to take you to a place where the organic and the man-made live together in ideal balance.