lacoste original: a new chapter in fragrance

Lacoste Original: A New Chapter in Fragrance

In a rich and ever-changing fragrance landscape where newness mixes with nostalgia, the launch of Lacoste “Original” invites fragrance lovers on a sensory journey that is as much about returning to the classics as it is about welcoming the new. This fragrance marks a key moment for Lacoste, combining its rich heritage with the innovative spirit of today’s perfumery.

Heritage and Innovation: The Essence of Lacoste Original

In 1984, Lacoste introduced its first fragrance, setting a benchmark for masculine elegance. Nearly four decades later, “Original” reinterprets this iconic scent through a modern lens. Entrusted to the expertise of Inter Parfums, this new iteration remains true to its roots while asserting itself as a modern classic.

At first whiff, “Original” entices with a vibrant cocktail of top notes where pink pepper’s spicy dazzle meets the zesty charm of bergamot and the exotic warmth of cardamom. This lively introduction sets the stage for a fragrance that promises to captivate and invigorate.

Transitioning from the initial zest, the heart of the fragrance grows into a symphony of French botanicals. Lavender, with its timeless allure, pairs seamlessly with clary sage’s crisp, aromatic essence. Lavandin absolute weaves these threads into a richer, more nuanced bouquet. Here, Anne Flipo and Tanguy Guesnet’s mastery shines, crafting an aromatic core that resonates with the sophistication and depth emblematic of Lacoste’s legacy.

The journey culminates in a base that grounds the ephemeral notes above with a profound, woody resonance. Sandalwood and patchouli provide a creamy, earthy foundation enriched by the innovative Amber Xtreme™, which introduces a vibrant, almost tactile intensity. The unexpected sweetness of tonka bean serves as a gentle coda to the composition’s robust finale.

Olfactory Design: Woody Fougère Reimagined

“Original” belongs to the woody fougère category, a genre known for its universal, green, and herbaceous qualities, making it a staple in men’s perfumery. This category’s traditional charm is kept in the fragrance’s structure while being elevated by contemporary elements that appeal to a modern audience’s palate.

Top notes: Pink Pepper, Cardamom, Bergamot
Heart notes: French Lavender, French Clary Sage, Lavandin
Base notes: Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Amber Xtreme™

Creators Behind the Scent

The fragrance is the creative progeny of Anne Flipo and Tanguy Guesnet, renowned perfumers who have previously lent their olfactory genius to various prestigious brands. Their collaborative effort in “Original” emphasizes a blend of innovation and respect for tradition, aligning perfectly with Lacoste’s brand ethos.

Minimalism in Design: The Bottle

Reflecting the simplicity and elegance synonymous with Lacoste, the bottle’s design is a testament to minimalist aesthetics. Utilizing the brand’s iconic green and white colors, it evokes a sense of freshness and crispness, mirroring the fragrance’s character. The choice of colors not only nods to the brand’s visual identity but also enhances the collector’s appeal of this edition.

lacoste original new fragrance 2024

Lacoste: A Legacy of Elegance and Sportiness

Since its inception as a sportswear brand, Lacoste has evolved, embedding itself in the fabric of luxury casual wear. Known for its iconic crocodile logo, the brand has always fused sporty functionality with tasteful aesthetics, a perspective that extends into its foray into fragrances.

The Campaign Face: Pierre Niney

Illustrating the fragrance’s spirit, Pierre Niney, with his multifaceted career in French cinema, serves as the campaign’s face. Directed by Jérémy Levypon, the campaign reflects the scent’s narrative – classic yet contemporary, robust yet refined.

Availability and Offering

Lacoste “Original” is available in 60ml and 100ml Eau de Parfum. This range offers versatility and accessibility to various tastes and lifestyles, ensuring that the spirit of Lacoste can be experienced by a wide audience.

In essence, Lacoste “Original” is a bridge between eras, a nod to the classic, and a gesture towards the boundless potential of modern perfumery. It invites wearers to imbibe the essence of Lacoste, not just through its scent but through the story it tells – one of heritage, elegance, and relentless innovation.