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LVRS by Louis Vuitton: An Ode to Sunlight in a Bottle

In an industry where each perfume competes for attention, seeking to carve out a niche for its very own, LVRS by Louis Vuitton distincts itself not as a fragrance so much as an expression of sunlight in a bottle—the essence of immaterial light made flesh. This striking creation by its association with visionary Pharrell Williams and the expertise of Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud opens a new page of olfactory creation.

About LVRS

Founding in the fragrant gardens of Les Fontaines Parfumées in Grasse, France, the beginning of this venture was the result of a family and friendship relationship. Pharrell Williams just became the menswear creative director at Louis Vuitton and since he got here he has been doing haven (now translated to leather) with this new musical smell up in here with Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud and his daughter Camille, a perfumer in her own right, translating Williams’ musical career into fragrance. Not only was this the debut launch of the inaugural collection, but the very first time Pharrell would ever see and smell one of his fragrances — two days later, he would be presenting one of the three craftspeople with an award for the best accords they presented to the museums — in person. Their mission? A scent to capture the warmth and rigor of the sun, to translate life giving force into something that resonates with love, fortitude, heart and core of what it means to be alive.

Scent Trail Of LVRS

The perfume begins with a head of galbanum and bergamot – an accord that sends you directly into a lush, refreshing morning. Galbanum, which reflects the green, woody odor of fresh nature, is a dynamic introduction and the scent of youth and grass caressed by morning light. The brightness and citric edge of bergamot introduce this radiant olfactory journey. The fragrance then transitions into the heart with ginger and solar notes. A beat driven by the spiciness of ginger gives an exhilarating shot in the arm, as the solar notes—an intriguing accord that mimics the sensation of sun on bare skin—wrap you in a comfortable yet refreshing pulsating heart. The last stop on the trip is a strong base of Sandalwood and Cedarwood. The base notes are what help set that deep, resonant woodiness, a gentle undertone that lingers in the afterglow of the elemental floral and green, scentsof the green of the woods where the Head, Heart, And Base Notesshadow of the canopy is sun speckled dancing through the play of the forest sunlight.

Top notes : Galbanum and Bergamot.

Heart notes : Ginger and Solar Notes.

Base notes : Sandalwood and Cedarwood.

lvrs by louis vuitton an ode to sunlight in a bottle

The Bottle: A Prism of Light

In pure Louis Vuitton fashion, the presentation of LVRS is as thoughtful and well constructed as the fragrance itself. The bottle is a simple cylindrical prism catch and reflecting light, symbolically encapsulating the fragrance within. Travel cases and fragrance trunks come in a white design and in a green camo print travel casing, paying homage to Pharrell´s iconic model and the way he perceives fashion and design, with a hands-on and visually-aromatic lens, respectively.

In the case of the Creative Minds initiative, that even meant more than endorsement from Pharrell. A fine eye for detail and a wider canvas as a creator allowed him an intricate look into craftsmanship. Pharrell speaks on how the color sensations the scent brings to mind (faint blues and purples; a quiet, lifted quality akin to the night sky at twilight) inspired the scent itself. One of the greatest perfumer talent of today leads us in his olfactory stories and tells us why he insisted to use galbanum, a note so beloved for its link to nature and yet so unexpected in today’s perfumery. This choice emphasises the connection between the scent, the past, the ancient, the more primitive side of human nature and the beauty of the nature itself.

Symphony of Light

LVRS by Louis Vuitton is more than a fragrance, it is a journey of the senses that transcends perfumery as we know it. A poetic response to what sunlight smells like, a memory realized, and a vision awakened, a recollection of the past which already is a dream of the future. LVRS is a 100ml Eau de Parfum and not just a fragrance to be worn, but rather an olfactory concept to live, a delicate yet strong partner through one’s journey, between light and darkness of life. This perfume underlines the strength of creative cooperation and how, to Louis Vuitton, the brilliance of the sun can be contained within a bottle.

the bottle a prism of light