unveiling the essence of rome the aqve romane collection by laura biagiotti

Unveiling the Essence of Rome: The Aqve Romane Collection by Laura Biagiotti

The fashion and fragrance world recently witnessed an enchanting addition from the esteemed Italian house of Laura Biagiotti. Known for its sophisticated and innovative designs, Laura Biagiotti has expanded its olfactory wardrobe with the Aqve Romane collection. This collection is not merely an assortment of scents; it is a tribute to Rome, the Eternal City, a source of inspiration for the Biagiotti family for generations. Comprising three distinct fragrances, Aqve Romane encapsulates the artistic and historic grandeur of Rome through its exquisite olfactory compositions, each crafted by renowned master perfumers.

Lavinia Biagiotti, the visionary at the helm of the Laura Biagiotti brand, articulates that the Aqve Romane collection is inspired by the icons of Rome. From its cinematic beauty to its lifestyle and the artistic opulence that permeates its streets and squares, Rome is a city of light and shadow, ancient and modern, tangible and ethereal. The fragrances aim to capture this duality, reflecting the lightness of Rome’s stone architecture that seems to dissolve in the waters of its legendary fountains. This concept is woven into each fragrance, inviting wearers to express a new creative lightness without sacrificing strength.

Olfactive Families and Notes

Each fragrance in the Aqve Romane collection belongs to a distinct olfactive family, appealing to a wide range of preferences:

  • Divinum Ficus is predominantly citrus woody, featuring fig and an array of aromatic herbs and spices, making it fresh yet profound.
  • Ambrosia Aurea is a floral musky scent, offering a complex bouquet of floral and sweet notes, creating a sophisticated and mesmerizing aroma.
  • Uva Dulcis combines woody, fruity, and floral elements, resulting in a rich and intoxicating fragrance that is both bold and beautiful.
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Divinum Ficus: A Fresh and Enigmatic Scent

Divinum Ficus, crafted by the creative Suzy Le Helley, represents a sophisticated blend of citrus and woody notes, harmoniously intertwined with the richness of fig. This fragrance starts with top notes of Italian bergamot oil, which offers a citrusy sharpness, royal green pepper adding a slight kick, cornmint oil for a refreshing burst, and imperial basil lending an herbal depth. These elements combine to create an uplifting and invigorating opening that captures the lively ambiance of Rome’s outdoor markets and sun-drenched landscapes.

The heart notes bring a unique and profound character through divine fig, which introduces a creamy and slightly sweet element, paired with Roman artichoke, which adds an unusual vegetal crispness. Nobilis laurel and ancient caper berries contribute a green, slightly floral nuance that deepens the complexity of the fragrance, reminiscent of Rome’s lush gardens and historical richness.

The base of musk, cedarwood oil, and sandalwood provides a smooth, earthy finish that anchors the scent with a solid foundation, echoing the timeless architecture and wooded areas surrounding the city. Divinum Ficus is ideal for those who appreciate a scent that balances fresh energy with a profound historical essence.

Ambrosia Aurea: Layers of Floral and Musky Elegance

Ambrosia Aurea, designed by Paolo Cerizza, is a floral musky fragrance that exudes sophistication and allure. The combination of Elysian narcissus and vanilla orange in the top notes sets a distinctly elegant and sweet tone, complemented by the soothing calmness of Roman chamomile and the freshness of nespola leaves.

The heart of the fragrance is where the floral richness truly blossoms, featuring orange lily and mythological linden, which bring a vibrant yet delicate floralcy. Angelica flower and carrot seeds introduce a hint of earthiness and an intriguing, slightly powdery texture, capturing the depth of Rome’s floral diversity.

The warm and enveloping base notes of acacia chestnut wood, ambrosia honey, imperial musk, and tonka bean wrap the wearer in a luxurious blanket of scent, suggesting the opulent and indulgent aspects of Roman culture. Ambrosia Aurea is perfect for those who seek a fragrance that is both complex and captivating, embodying the artistic and historical splendor of Rome.

Uva Dulcis: A Bold and Earthy Composition

Uva Dulcis, created by Guillaume Flavigny, brings together woody, fruity, and floral elements to form a rich and intoxicating scent. The top notes of red plum accord, Bacchus red wine, and pomegranate accord offer a bold and juicy introduction, reminiscent of the decadent feasts and rich wines that are a staple of Roman celebrations.

The heart features rose natsource and Aventine rose essence, providing a romantic and luxurious floral heart, while red pepper adds a spicy twist that energizes the scent, capturing the dynamic and passionate spirit of Rome.

The base notes of orpur Indonesian patchouli, Moroccan cedarwood essence, glorious laurel, and oak accord deliver a deep, resonant finish that grounds the fragrance in an earthy, majestic quality, much like the ancient and enduring spirit of Rome itself.

Uva Dulcis is ideally suited for those who embrace bold, adventurous scents that make a statement, reflecting the rich tapestry of Rome’s history, culture, and natural beauty.

the art and architecture of laura biagiotti’s fragrance design

The Art and Architecture of Laura Biagiotti’s Fragrance Design

Inspired Elegance: The Bottle Design

Laura Biagiotti’s fragrance bottles are not just containers; they are masterpieces of design, explicitly reflecting the heritage and architecture of Rome. The shape of each bottle is inspired by the iconic circular Roman temples such as the one dedicated to Diana at Villa Borghese, the Temple of Vesta in the Imperial Forums, and the Temple of Hercules at Forum Boarium. This design choice creates a direct, emblematic link to the artistic traditions of Rome, making each bottle a piece of history.

The architectural influence extends to the cap of the bottle, which draws inspiration from Doric capitals, showcasing the brand’s attention to classical detail. The transparency of the glass used in each bottle allows the colors of the fragrances to shine through—peachy pink for Ambrosia Aurea, aqua green for Divinum Ficus, and wine red for Uva Dulcis. This choice not only highlights the unique character of each scent but also adds a visual layer of storytelling. Complementing this, an elegant white label with black Roman lettering identifies each fragrance, maintaining a uniform aesthetic across the collection that speaks to the timeless elegance synonymous with Laura Biagiotti.

Cohesive Aesthetics: The Packaging

Laura Biagiotti’s commitment to design extends beyond the bottle to the packaging itself. Each box is crafted from matte paper, carefully selected to match the specific shade of the fragrance it holds, enhancing the overall sensory experience and making the packaging itself a statement of luxury. The use of silver lettering on the box adds a touch of sophistication, providing a striking contrast against the subtle backdrop. Additionally, a square white label adorned with the collection’s logo accentuates the refined and elegant presentation of the perfume.

This meticulous approach to packaging design ensures that from the moment a customer sees the product to when they hold it in their hands, every aspect of the experience is curated to reflect the luxury, history, and artistic integrity of the Laura Biagiotti brand. The thoughtful combination of color, material, and historical references makes each fragrance not just a scent but a collectible item, echoing the architectural grandeur and artistic richness of Rome.

The Aqve Romane collection by Laura Biagiotti is a perfect embodiment of Rome’s eternal charm, captured in bottles. Each fragrance tells its own story of Rome, crafted by perfumers who are not just creators but true olfactory artists. This collection invites its wearers to dive into the depths of their imagination, to explore the artistic richness of Rome, and to carry its essence wherever they go. In the world of fashion and fragrances, where stories are told through scents, Aqve Romane narrates a tale as timeless as Rome itself.